Wind shipping
Website for a subsea cable recovery company. Fully responsive site with it's own CMS.
ARZV Rowing club
Website for a Dutch rowing club. Includes tools for members to place their own nieuws, book boats, plan outings, create and manage their own crews, view the weather forecast, etc, etc.....
"Wat een super mooie website hebben jullie gemaakt!!!!!"
"Complimenten voor deze geweldige site. Echt schitterend."

Rue Haute B&B
Website for a Belgian bed and breakfast just over the border from Maastricht. The hotel owner can manage the site via his own CMS and the site is intergrated with the booking module of Zoover.
"We krijgen ook veel lovende reacties wat betreft de website. Deze complimenten komen jou ook toe."

Lanternfish Publishing webshop
Webshop for the sale of Art cards and prints. Back-end administration and order management. Integrates with Paypal Pro and express payment gateways.
"I've had some lovely feedback about how professional and well designed the site looks, so thanks!"

Polymath Perspective online magazine
Website for an on-line magazine built in the Wordpress CMS.
J.J. Ruijter
Website for a Dutch builder.
"Het uploaden van de foto's is inderdaad heel gemakkelijk."

Mensendieck clinic Bergen
Website for a Cesar/Mensendieck therapy clinic. Fully responsive site with it's own CMS.
Heart for Africa
Website for a Dutch charity. Woodenfish donates 5% of it's time per year to charity.